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Architectural 3D Models and Drawings
3D Scans, 2D Plans & Data → CAD & BIM Production

By using Apple LiDAR and other new 3D technology, we create an easy and inexpensive CAD & BIM production service that generates 2D and 3D drawings and lays the foundation for digital twins of buildings.

With us as an advisor, you can do the 3D scanning yourself or in selected locations, we can do the scanning for you. Contact us to learn more about scanning or our 3D model production.


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3D CAD, BIM, Digital Twin Production & Digitization Consulting Services
How it works

How it works

About us

We specialize in Apple LiDAR but can also produce CAD/BIM 3D models based on 2D drawings and other inputs and we continuously develop our products and services within several different areas of 3D digitization.


Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or ideas for how our solutions could be customized to match your specific needs. 

Think of us as a part of your innovation and 3D production hub.

Email us today at CONTACT@LiDAR3D.iO to find out more.

Who are LiDAR3D?

We have broad experience from decades of working with 3D and related tech

at large multinational corporations.

Extensive experience in Design&Build, Retail using 3D, Photorealistic 3D visualizations, prop-tech & new tech solutions. 


We have been specializing in iOS LiDAR scan to CAD 3D since our official launch in 2021. Founded by a team of 3D industry veterans led by Anders Olofsson. 

Our vision

Sustainable development with better technology. We help companies access and implement new 3D experiences. 


Create better visualizations and plans that lead to better informed decisions and more beautiful building designs. 

Streamlined workflows and improved collaboration in AECO. 

Who are we for?

Property owners and professionals within: 

  • Construction, Design and Build.

  • Interior Design & Architecture.

  • Real-estate / PropTech.

  • Property Digitization.

  • Measuring Services. 

We work with our customers to design workflows solutions specific for each unique use case. Please contact us by email if you have would like to

know more.  

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Our Customers

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Head of Brand Development

LiDAR3D has been a trusted advisor during the product digitization and CAD planning tool development for our new home furnishings brand. Their knowledge and experience helped us to understand our own needs and requirements related to quality, 3D production requirements, and CAD planning tools. 

Anders was great to work with providing us with a roadmap to meet our goals. He provided great service and kept us on track with ongoing initiatives and opportunities.

Architect & Engineer

Amazing services! LiDAR3D has been a great resource for me and I look forward to continuing using their SketchUp production services. 

Interior Designer

It has been a pleasure working with
LiDAR3D for parts of my design process.
Their team is highly skilled and always goes above and beyond to deliver high-quality 3D models. 
I'm very impressed with the services and would recommend them to any interior designer looking to streamline their workflow and focus more on their creative services.

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