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Frequently Asked Questions


On this page, you find a short overview of our recommendations for reality capture with Apple LiDAR devices and more information about our products, services, and pricing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!

Hardware requirements and recommendations


Project Name

You need a LiDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad (currently iPhone 12, 13 & 14 Pro, iPad Pro gen 5 & 6, from 2020 onwards).

The advantage of using an iPad is that you can use the pencil to draw and sketch information that can't be captured. The larger screen is also good to have in the field since it's easier to view, navigate and make annotations on the model. 
An iPhone along with a gimbal for extra stability has been shown to increase image textures and geometry accuracy along with your reach.

Both Apple devices are powerful all-in-one reality capture products that allow you to capture meshes, point clouds, and images. They also have great processing capacity and several other features which are already loved by architects, engineers, and designers. We recommend that you bring a laser measurer to capture ground truth measurements in areas where mm accuracy is required.

We think that the best choice for you depends on your project requirements, your workflow, and your access to hardware.

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Apple Lidar 3D scanning apps

There are various apps that can be used with your LiDAR enabled Apple device, we require OBJ files for production which can be exported from Polycam, Scaniverse, Metascan, and the 3D Scanner App (at a small fee). We are continuously developing support for more formats so contact us if you have questions. 

We have tested and worked with all of the Apple LiDAR scanning apps and your capture technique and preparations matter more than which App you use as you can see in the video. 


Ultimately the decision rests with you and what is best for your business so make sure to do your research and use an app that suits your needs. 

We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any of the LiDAR scanning Apps listed on this page.


If you have any questions you can always contact our team.


How to scan

Proper scanning is not complicated, but it does involve learning and applying some basic techniques - The best way to do it depends on your tolerance for accuracy and the level of detail needed. Smaller scans tend to have higher accuracy.


The videos in this section show our recommendations for scanning different-sized buildings and a video of LiDAR scanning in real-time

We are ready to assist if you run into any issues with the scanning and capture of existing and future buildings.

Common problems and solutions

Project Name

While we believe 3D scanning with LiDAR-enabled Apple devices is a great way to measure up space, at times there can be some issues.


The most common problems and some workarounds can be found in this video.


If the issue you are facing is not one of the common ones we have noted in the video please contact our customer support for more information.

How to order

Simply email Your order details to: for a free quotation. 

We support multiple workflows. Here is one example

☑️  A text description of your project requirements

☑️  LiDAR scan in OBJ format

☑️  Image/Video files as required
☑️  Ground truth measurements (Where mm accuracy is needed or if the scan is somehow incorrect)

☑️  Additional drawings of existing and future buildings as required for your project

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How to scan
Order CAD

How do I receive my order?

Project Name

We work with you in a crawl-walk-run approach to producing templates of deliveries that fit into the systems and processes you are already using today. 

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The minimum order value is $50. Discounts are available for high-volume and returning customers.
The pricing above excludes LiDAR scanning and other reality capture services.

Common customization Level of Detail selections below

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We can help you merge scans together and create optimized CAD models. You can order your CAD 2D+3D models with tailored levels of detail and information. Please email us for a free quotation for your project needs.

Updates and changes

Revisions, updates, and changes can be made by replying to your order delivery email with a description of your new request.


If at any time you require further information or assistance, please reach out to us.

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